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Birth Stories


Hiring a Birth Photographer is a fantastic investment, which you and your family will treasure forever!

As a Birth Photographer, I create heirloom photos, journaling the day your baby is born!

These photos will become treasured keepsakes for you and your baby!



I commit to being "on-call" 24/7 beginning two weeks before your expected due date and until your baby is born – as soon as you go into labor, give me a call! I will have my phone on at all times waiting for your call.  I will have my gear packed and ready to go!  I will aim to be there within an hour after the doctor has confirmed you are in active labor (approximately 3-12 hours before you deliver).  I will record your labor from the moment I arrive, your delivery, the amazing moments when you meet your precious baby, and the important details afterward – weighing, footprints, etc.

Birth photography is not “graphic” nor is it “gross” I will photograph only what you want, whether that is everything, or whether you only want the waist up, or something different – it is completely up to you! Ultimately, my job is to document the story and to follow the guidelines that you request.

Note: Since I block off at least 3 weeks in my schedule (2 weeks before and 1 week after due date) to be "on-call" for each client, and I need to reserve a few weeks/year for my family, I will only be accepting 8 clients per year. I do not double book clients.  So, book as early as possible!




The Labor & Delivery Birth Package includes the following:

  • Your pre-session consultation – we meet and discuss your birth photography.

  •  I will be “on call” starting 2 weeks before your due date – no day trips, vacations, etc.!  I will be placing your baby's birth as a priority over my family during this time. I will prioritize being at your birth.

  • Your birth photography

  • Developing/Processing of your images – many hours of going through photos, touching up, editing, and creating a story of precious moments from start to finish.  

  • To accommodate everyone who would like to document their births, payment plans are available. 10% discount available to active duty military & repeat clients.



Pricing for a scheduled c-section is the same as for a natural birth. I will meet you at the hospital, and document your story, from admitting, through the delivery of your baby, and to your family’s first moments. I will document as much of baby’s first moments as possible - including foot-printing, first bath, weighing, etc. It is important that we work together to manage expectations with clear communication with your doctor and admitting nurses and to ensure I will be granted access to the Operating Room. Communication is essential, and if the doctors know how important this photography is to you, they are usually very kind to make my job easier.


A Labor of Love

Think of birth photography like wedding photography except that birth photography has no set day/time/length. Instead of putting it on my calendar as a Saturday wedding day, I block off 3  weeks in my calendar and keep the phone by my side the whole time. Instead of planning for an 8-12 hour wedding day, I plan to have someone ready to watch my kids for an unknown amount of time, day OR night, on any day of the week, with very short notice. Instead of being able to plan for the lighting at a specific church or venue at a specific time of day, I plan for possibly little to no lighting at any time of day.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know! We can meet in person, talk over the phone, or email back and forth, whatever works best for you!


Labor & Delivery Birth Package

If you want photos of your birth, I want to be there. The Labor & Delivery package gives you the essentials of birth photography. This package includes my services as an "on-call" photographer 24/7 surrounding your due date, photography of your birth from active labor through about 2-3 hours after the baby is born. If you have family that is waiting to meet your baby, I will stay and capture as many of their "first looks" as possible. This package includes at least 150 edited digital images. A deposit of $200 is required to reserve the dates surrounding your due date to ensure availability.
The balance is due in full at 36 weeks. Payment plans are accepted. No images will be released until the full balance has cleared.


Fresh 48 Birth Package

This package includes mostly candid photos taken within the first 48 hours after baby’s birth. Perfect if you want to document the baby meeting siblings or other family members several hours or more after the birth. Generally done after everyone has rested after birth. If you pre-book your dates, I will come to the hospital within 6-36 hours after your baby's birth and capture images of your baby and new family. 
Package includes developing/processing of at least 40 images – several hours of going through photos, touching up, editing, and creating a story of precious first moments. 

If you want me to guarantee I will be in town for your Fresh 48 session, you will need to reserve your spot as soon as possible, pay the $200 deposit, and pay the remainder of your balance by 36 weeks.  

If you want to "chance it" and hope that I will be available, you can check with me when you go into labor.  

I will do my best (no guarantee without pre-booking) to arrive at the hospital before your departure day.  

If I am available, full payment will be due upon my arrival at your birth location.  No images will be released until full payment has cleared.


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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do you take pictures of the whole labor and birth?
I do whatever you wish. This will be discussed at our prenatal meeting. Some mothers prefer that I arrive when they are in “active labor” or after the epidural has been administered, others request the whole birthing process be captured. It is totally up to you. Most times, I ask that you call me as soon as you go to the hospital. Then, again once you reach 3cm.  At this time, I then make my way to the birthing location. 

Will you post the photos on the internet?
This will also be discussed in detail during our prenatal meeting. But, most importantly, I will not post anything that I do not have permission to post.

Will we meet before the birth?
Yes, one month prior to your due date. This meeting will be set up at a mutual agreed upon location, where we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have and sign the required forms. I also like to keep in touch via email or text up until the date of the birth. 


When do you show up? How long will you stay? What if I have a long labor?
This is very hard to determine, as each birth is different. However, once I arrive, I will remain at the Birthing location until your baby is born and remain for 2-3 hours after delivery.
What if I have a short labor, will I get any of my money back?
No, this is a set rate. The birthing session includes; my time for being “on-call” 24/7 for three weeks, travel expenses, small business expenses, insurance costs, my time spent editing each of your images and creating your Birth Story.

What if I have a C-section?
It is your responsibly to ask your Doctor/OBGYN whether or not I will be allowed in the operating room during the procedure. There are also plenty of great photo opportunities before and after a C-section procedure. I can follow the baby and capture all those precious first moments while mom is in recovery, which could take hours. 
What if you miss the birth?
It is possible. I do promise to make every arrangement possible so that I am available for you. However, life is unpredictable at times. If for some extreme reason (death or serious illness in my family) I am unable to attend your birth I will make every effort to arrive at the location of birth to complete a “Just Born” session and you will also be granted a $550 refund.  In the unlikely event, I cannot make it at all to your birth within 6 hours after delivery, you will receive a FULL refund. 
When should I book you?
As soon as you decide to have your birth photographed. The sooner the better!  Since I block off at least 3 weeks in my schedule (2 weeks before and 1 week after due date) for each client, and I need to reserve a few weeks/year for my family, I will only be accepting 10 clients per year. I do not double book clients.  So, book as early as possible!

Do you offer discounts or take payments?
I do accept payments, however, no images will be provided to you until full payment is received.

A 10% discount if offered if your spouse is active military. A 10% discount if offered to repeat clients.


Do you use a flash?  What if I want my birth dark?
No, I use the light that is available to me. If your room is very dark, we may obviously have to make some sort of adjustment to avoid having dark, poor images. However, I am experienced in shooting in low light environments and will do my best not to disturb you. 
How long will it take to get my photographs?
I will provide “sneak peaks” to you as soon as possible. These photos are also posted on my Facebook page (with your permission). This usually happens within 24 hours, you will receive 2 to 3 images sent to you via email within 48 hours. The remainder of your package will be delivered to you by email within 2-3 weeks.

Will they be color or black and white?
I will provide you with both versions of each photo!  Some prefer to share black and white photos of the more graphic images.  I want you to have the choice to choose what you want to share or print!

My images will be provided to me in digital format,  what if I want prints?
You will be provided a password to a private online album containing your digital images. You will be able to download your images to your computer.  You will have the option to order professional quality prints, enlargements, canvases, or other gifts through my website.  Those can be ordered at an additional cost.

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